Thursday, 10 December 2009

Australia immigration and making money

I've been thinking for a long time on whether I should move to Australia or not. There are a lot of reasons for it and not so many to stay in the UK. At the moment the UK is freezing cold, I mean bloody freezing, this makes everyone kind of a little bit more depressed and it gets dark at like 4 in the afternoon, now that is not even an understatement, it literally gets dark at 4/half 4.

Coupled with this from what I can gather they really need IT professionals in Australia, this can be something I can do, however I prefer to make money online. The article I was reading about Australian immigration was pretty impressive, and I advise anyone who has even the smallest inclination to moving abroad to take a look at it. The skills list for Australia is pretty huge also, and there were professions on there that I did not expect. Did you know you can emigrate to Australia as a zoo keeper? I'm being serious check the list out here on what jobs you can immigrate to Australia with.

So apart from this thinking I've mostly been thinking of broadening my horizons, this includes amongst other things, moving to Australia, starting at the gym, getting a new haircut, all very dull.

I have a new venture which I will be telling you guys about very soon, so watch this space, I can't say to much at the moment as it's top secret, but when I pull it off, this will the first page I publish it on. For now I am daydreaming of sunnier climates and Australian barbeques on the beach, perhaps I will move to Australia
it's got to be better than getting the tube every morning.

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Online guru's promises of making money online

As you are no doubt aware there are hundreds and thousands of these online guru's who swear they will show you the way to make money online. Some don't even say they will make you money, they profess that the program that they made money on will work for you.


Then why aren't we all rich? the problem I see with this is that I have a feeling that these guys only make money online by selling the idea that you can be shown how to do it. Most of these 'programs' simply make money for whoever purchases them by advising the person to sell the idea to someone else.

You follow?

For example person B buys this wonderful program, lets call it Tai's print money method, from Person A. Person A will be the seller, they might be the person who came up with the product, and I use that term lightly, or they might be a reseller earning a commission. Ok so person B now knows the secret, and the secret is to re-sell this useless product under the pre-tense that it will make you rich. And so it carries on, all the while no-one is actually getting any secret information they are simply awakening to the fact that they have been had, and so kindly repeat the process and do it to someone else. How nice of them!

So it goes from a-b-c-d-f-g all the way down until Tai, who took the trouble to write an Ebook that was actually as useful as a concrete brick, gets rich from all the sales the minions are making and earning for him.

There are no secret methods of how to make money online you dummy

If you want to earn a living from the Internet beware of these bogus programs, the only true way of making money successfully is with hard work and a little inspiration. What is it that most people think they will learn from these Ebooks? A special code maybe that you input in at a special location that then unlocks the hidden treasures of the online enigma.

During my next posts I will be attempting to give you some guidance on methods and ways that you can actually use, and best of all it's all free, the Internet to earn an income. I'll be talking to Internet marketers (if any will talk to me) and industry insiders and giving you all a masterclass in online marketing.

Check back where I will be talking in depth about building a 'niche' in the next post of how to make money online for dummys.